21.7 percent consumers of Bihar paying electricity bill online, state in top 10 list

Online payment

In payment of online electricity bill, Bihar has joined the list of ten top states in the country. According to a recent estimation of the Ministry of Energy, Bihar has the ninth place in the country for online electricity payment.

According to the Ministry of Energy estimates, 21.7 percent of people in Bihar are now paying online electricity bills online. South Bihar Power Company’s location is seventh in the country in the online payment of electricity bill in Bihar.

25.3 percent of the consumers of South Bihar Power Company are paying their electricity bill online. Patna is part of the South Bihar Power Company. 15.8% of the North Bihar Power Company are paying their electricity bills online. The location of North Bihar Power Company in the country is twentieth.

Patna’s ranking in online payment is 115th

In order to assess the status of online electricity payment, the Ministry of Energy had studied 67 cities of Bihar. According to the report after the assessment, Patna has been ranked 115th in the case of online electricity bill payments across the country.