5044 crore gift to Bihar, Modi in Patna on October 14

narendra modi
The proposed tour of Patna on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s October 14th, will be the funding of 5044 crores. In this, for the cleanliness of the Ganges under Namami Gange, the foundation stone of a sewerage scheme of about 738 crores in Patna. On the other hand, the work of construction of four lanes will be started between Buktiyarpur and Mokamah from 837 crores, including 6 lane bridge of about 1161 crores in Ganga river between Aunta and Simaria in Mokamah.
Prime Minister will construct a four-lane road from Maheshkhunt in Maheshkhunt in Purnia section from Maheshkhunt in Uttar Paharya in North Bihar and construction of four lane bridge constructed from 1572 crores in Kosi river in NH 106 near Phulaut in Madhepura district. All the plans will be laid out from Patna’s Gandhi Maidan.
Under the Namami Ganges program, dirty water has not been damaged in the Ganges, for this it has to work on 20 sewerage projects in Bihar. Approximately approximately 4275 crores will be spent on the work on the project at various stages.
There is work on various projects in Hajipur, Munger, Begusarai, Buxar, Mokamah, flood, Sultanganj, Naugachia Bhagalpur, including Patna. The Prime Minister has to lay the foundation of four projects of 734 crore in Patna on 14th October. After that the work on these projects will start. Sewerage Treatment Plant Beuer, Beauer with Sewerage Systems Sewer Network, Cerealage Treatment Plant, Kamellectik and Saidpur.
Narendra Modi will visit Patna on October 14

Four lanes bridge will be built in Kosi river

Construction of Four Lane bridge in Kosi river in Phulaut of Madhepura district is to be the foundation stone of the Prime Minister. NH 106 is to become a seven-kilometer four-lane bridge near Behpur from Beerpur to Phulot. There was a proposal to build the first two-lane bridge, but it was decided to build a four-lane bridge with traffic. 1572 crores will be spent on the construction of the Four Lane Bridge. Connectivity between Madhepura, Saharsa and Bhagalpur will increase due to the construction of the bridge. Construction of NH 106 to be 10 meters wide is being done in collaboration with World Bank.

Construction of six-lane bridge in Mokamah

The construction of East Lane Bridge of the existing bridge in Ganga river between Aunta-Simaria in Mokamah will now start. About 1161 million will be spent on construction of about eight kilometers of six-lane bridge. The agreement has been made in the month of August for construction of bridge. There will also be a foundation stone for the construction of Four Lane Road between Bakhtiyarpur-Mokamah. After land acquisition for land acquisition, construction work is going to start soon. The construction of 45 kilometers of roads will cost 837 million.

The road will be widened from Maheshkhut to Saharsa

Construction of 171 km of road between NH 107 and Purnia from Maheshkhoot to 10 meters wide is to be done in two packages. In the first package, the construction of the 88-km road between Maheshkhut and Saharsa to be 10 meters wide is to be laid. The agreement was made last month regarding road construction. 736 crores will be spent on road construction. In the second package, a retender has been invited by October 10 for construction of roads between Saharsa and Purnia.