A federation for fruits and vegetables to be established

The honoured chief  minister of bihar Mr. Nitish Kumar has confirmed that a federation for fruits and vegetables will be established in bihar to help the farmers through co-operative. It will help the farmer in storage and maintenance of the vegetables and fruits and it will also help with the transportation so that it will be available in almost all regions of bihar. A corridor will be constructed for the organic farmers and farmers who cultivate fruits and vegetables. Mr. Nitish Kumar, in his second trip to Hasli Agricultural and Science Center  located in Lakhisaray has said that according the third agricultural road map, which was inaugurated by the honoured President of our country “Mr. Ramnath Kovind on Nov. 9,there is a plan to praise and help organic farmers. The proper drainage system, sanitation system and shelter to animals will also be provided along with tap water in every house of Agat village of Halsi. A total budget of 93.18 Cr is estimated for this project of Lakhisaray.satyapal