A school where students who study 18 to 88 years of age

When it was a child, it was not meant by studies and when the age has passed, it has been decided to read. It is right to say that there is no age for reading. Now in education, there is such a feeling that neither of them are disturbed by age barrier nor are they allowing illness to dominate the studies.

These elderly students are prisoners of the Adarsh ​​Central Kara Beur, who are being organized on behalf of the Kara administration to make literate. This school consists of 18-year-old and 88-year-old elderly students.

Even though young people may feel slighted, older people over 80 years of age regularly go to prison school Try to read and learn. Some of these are also prisoners who came to jail when they did not know anything about writing or reading. He started studying only after coming to jail and now he also reads the newspaper from Dhadle. 88-year-old Ramcharan Kaka and 81-year-old Shyamapati Chaati of Jail are the inspiration for the other prisoners.

88-year-old Ramcharan Singh oldest student

Currently, Ramcharan Singh, 88, resident of Gaura Jagdishpur village of Naubatpur police station area of ​​Patna district, is the oldest student in the school of Beure Jail. They are serving life imprisonment in Beur Jail since August 7, 2002 in connection with murder. Never in the village, even in their area, they were known as dabangs. I did not do much studies.

Since he has been in jail, he has decided to study. They regularly go to prison school. Due to being more cold, jail authorities have refused to come to the school, despite this they reach. This prisoner is the oldest prisoner in jail. Now he also teaches other uneducated prisoners.

Certificate to two elderly prisoners

85-year-old Kedar Rai, a militant from Danapur, has not even seen the face of the school in his childhood, since he has been serving a sentence of murder in Beur Jail since September 13, 2005, he is a regular student of jail school. He himself became literate in jail and played an important role in making other prisoners literate. A certificate has also been given by both the prisoners on behalf of the Kara Administration. Ramdev Prasad, a resident of Teland, 81, of Nalanda, a prisoner locked in jail, started studying only after coming to jail and has now started making other illiterate prisoners literate.

Similarly, 84-year-old Ramashish Yadav, 84-year-old Krishna Sharma, 84-year-old Ramasarikhan Singh, 81-year-old Dwarka Rai, 82-year-old Gunouri Beldar, 81, and 81-year-old Ramarshikhan Singh, resident of Nalanda, The year-old Indra Dave Sah, 83-year-old Shivaprasad Rai regularly goes to school and inspires others to read. Prakash Prakash Verma, 84, is the 87-year-old Sukhdev Rai, 81-year-old Nande Mistry and Krishna Chaudhary.