Airfare down on occasion of chath puja

indigoThe rush of people coming to Patna with Chhath and the crowd of Patna going after it is also seen on air tickets. Its value has almost doubled to around three times in Chhath.

The price of a ticket for the upcoming flight of Patna is skyrocketing from the day before, whereas the value of the flight tickets is higher even after five days of Chhath.

The most notable thing during this period is that ticket to return to Khanna and Chhath, and Chhath and Paran, opposite the normal trend is very cheap. It can be seen in many ways including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad.

Ticket price to Patna – Delhi-Mumbai- Hyderabad

21st – 7281- 9036- 9819

22 October – 5863 – 8984- 7804

October 23, 6346-88985- 8989

October 24, 7118-8251-8857

25 October-5494-7569 -7905

26 October-3501-6224- 5047

Ticket from Patna to- Delhi – Mumbai – Hyderabad

25th October-3500- 6310-44428

26 October-3552- 6520 -4428

27th October-5573- 9408-6186

28 October-8954 -12442- 10648

29 Oct-10752-17145- 13324

30th October-7188- 9616- 8944