Alcohol will be banned in Bihar till my Death – Nitish Kumar

Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has made a big statement about the prohibition Alcohol Ban. CM said in the drug de-addiction program organized in Patna, as long as I am alive, Alcohol will be Ban.
Nitish said that people are also joking about the work of social service but we are not going to stop. He said that Bihar implemented forcefully with alcohol and today its effect is known to all. There is a decrease in domestic violence in the state and people’s eyes will be opened by seeing the influence of alcoholism. Nitish said that earlier the percentage of mental violence was 79, which is now only 11 percent.

CM has admitted that in some places there is still a death from alcohol and some people are beginning to tell the difference in alcoholism but I would like to tell such people that these laws are applicable and will remain. The CM, while arguing for alcoholism, said that even though there is a law of crime, crime still happens and it can not eliminate the law of crime.

Nitish said that some people are still doing illegal business as the profits in this business are very high. Today people are doing anything to bring liquor from other states but the department is strict on this. Nitish said that there is no need to hide cases of alcohol due to alcohol, but there is a need to highlight and people need to wake up.

Nitish said that the dowry system is getting the huge response from the people. After the prohibition, people started saying that people will not come to Bihar but today the number of tourists in Bihar has increased. People do not come to Bihar to drink alcohol.

Nitish, while citing data, said that since the ban, 29 officials have been dismissed. 15 police were removed from the police station for 10 years while 80 officials were sent to jail. He said that for separation of liquor I have announced IG separately. This post will be under CID. It will not need to get DGP’s permission.