All constitutional bodies need to work together to strengthen India: PM Narendra Modi

narendra modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday hailed the Constitution of India and said that it had passed every test and challenge. He also said that all constitutional bodies need to work together to strengthen India.

Delivering the valedictory address on the National Law Day he said, “With time, our Constitution has passed every test and challenge, all doubters have been proven wrong.”

“It was not easy to make a historical document which binds a country which has more than a dozen sects, more than 100 languages and more than 1700 dialects and people living in places with various beliefs,” he added.

“Baba Saheb (Dr BR Ambedkar) said that Constitution is workable, flexible and has the power to unite the nation in times of war and peace. He also said if a wrong is done, it will not be the fault of the Constitution but the institution which is making people abide by the Constitution,” he further said.

Talking about ‘New India’, the PM said, “India is a young nation. To strengthen it, all the constitutional bodies will have to come together and work towards it. As members of the same family are we working together to strengthen one another, in support of each other? Every institution guided by the Constitutional norms must channelise energy towards creating new India by 2022.”

“Unfortunately we have not been able to remove our internal weaknesses, so many years after independence. We need to think about it at all levels,” PM Modi lamented.

“If we think that coming generations will take all risks and work, then history will not forgive us. We will have to start working now. We may or may not be there but the system which will be brought here will stay,” he urged people.

Earlier, Chief Justice of India (Dipak Misra on Sunday invoked Ambedkar during his valedictory address and said, “The Constitution of India is an organic, living, compensate and lucid document and that is why Dr Ambedkar had said that the constitution was working, flexible and strong enough to hold the country together during war and peace.”

“We should take this opportunity as we are doing it for the second year by the Supreme Court, on this historically-celebrated day to access the state of law and administration of justice in the lights of the principle laid by the Constitution,” he added.

The National Law Day is observed on November 26, the day on which the Constitution of India was agreed to by the Constituent Assembly in 1949.