Appointment of 5000 teachers will be done soon in Bihar, 25 thousand rupees salary per month


5 thousand teachers will be appointed soon in Bihar This process of appointment of guest teachers will be started from the beginning of next year. According to the information, there are a total of 5 thousand guest teachers in the state.

For this, the State Secondary Education Directorate has prepared for keeping teachers in high schools. Preparation is underway to bring the proposal to Bihar cabinet meeting, which will clear the path of appointment of guest teachers only after getting approval.

It is being said that like earlier appointments, this time also for the guest teachers in the state these applications will be taken at the district level and the appointment will be done on the same basis. Guest teachers have also been appointed in Bihar’s schools before, but there is still a shortage of teachers in high schools. Among the highest number of teachers in the schools, teachers of mathematics, English and science subjects are included.

According to the statistics, there is a shortage of about 25 thousand teachers in high and senior secondary teachers in the state, out of which there is a shortage of 17 thousand teachers in high schools alone. The government will pay a maximum of Rs 25 thousand to the guest teachers and the applicants will be applied at the district level to keep the guest teachers.

For the appointment of teachers, B.Sc., B.A., B.Com along with B.Sc. and above are also required to apply for higher degree holders.

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