Bihar flood: water level decreases but Death toll crosses 400 mark

As the flood waters of Bihar decrease, the picture of the devastation has started to emerge. The disadvantage of basic structures in the boom of the rivers was still hidden. There was no waste of inaccessible areas. It took almost a week to reach the army personnel in many areas. When the government realized the severity of the situation, the layer-by-layer reality came and the number of dead people reached the crossing of four hundred, whereas on the first day, the number of dead people was reported to only 41 by the Disaster Management Department.
Along with relief and rescue operations, the state government is also busy in mobilizing waste data. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be coming to Bihar to know the situation of the victims on August 26. For three days, the Chief Minister is busy in touring the affected areas.

Water in eastern Bihar, Kosi and Simanchal rivers is continuously decreasing. Water is also coming from the affected areas. The displaced ones have started returning. The number of dead in the Araria district has increased to 80. Ganga water level in Bhagalpur is reduced by one centimeter every three hours. There is a lot of pressure in Supaul. The situation is normal in Nirmali and Chhatarpur. There is trouble in some parts of Maruna. With water level falling in the river, erosion has started in the village. Water from Kosi and other tributaries in Madhepura, Saharsa is increasing rapidly.

In Kishanganj, road links have been restored in other blocks other than Kadgehach. The flood situation started to normal. Army and NDRF teams in Manihari and Amdabad are involved in the rescue. Sudha-Telita Rail Bridge is being repaired. The damaged roads are currently being made improvised. In Khagadiya Kosi is still above the danger zone, but the water is decreasing. Ganga is also coming down. Bagmati is decreasing. The old Gandak is stable.

Muzaffarpur’s situation still serious

Rains have again increased due to the coldening of the rivers. On Thursday, water levels of rivers have started rising in north Bihar. Most of the rivers are below danger mark. The situation in Muzaffarpur district remains serious due to the boom in old Gandak. The danger has also increased on the city of Samastipur. Things are normal in other districts.

There are still four or five feet of water running in many lower colonies of Muzaffarpur. The situation in the Mushahari block area is becoming alarming. The water flowing on Pusa Road continues. Water is available in Naroli, Binda, Jalalpur, Salah, Bekthapur, Madhavpur and Dwarka Nagar.

The growth in old Gandak continues. This has increased the threat to Samastipur city. There is pressure on embankments. The operation of trains on the Samastipur-Muktakpur section has been stopped.

Flood in Bihar: Fact File

Affected districts: 18
Total deaths: 405
Affected Block: 185
Panchayat: 2313
Population: 1.58 million
Removed population: 7.76 million
Relief camp: 696
Refugee: 1.67 lakh
Community Kitchen: 1646