Bihar will take on history, 50 million people will hold each other’s hands

Bihar is ready. On Sunday, people will take the pledge of fighting dowry and child marriage. Between 12 and 12.30 pm, school children, guardians, teachers, officers, ministers, MLAs and the common citizens of the state will take hands in hands and create the longest human chain in the world. In the 13668 km long human chain, it is estimated that between 4.5 and 5 million people will be involved.

Human series live

– The band party got out on the streets to join the human chain in Madhubani. Girls excited about human series in Shivanganga Girls High School, Watson School etc. in Madhubani have been preparing for a long time. Active participation is also seen in Scout and Guide.

– There is a festive atmosphere in the Gandhi Maidan of Patna. Not only Bihar, the country’s first female band remains a center of attraction. This band (Sargam Band) is waking up against child marriage and dowry through its performance.

– In Qatar, the queues are started for the human chain. Every fourth person in Patna is joining the human chain.

– The Gandhi Maidan of Patna will remain the main center of the human chain. Here’s the Quebec logon. Deputy CM Sushil Modi along with CM Nitish Kumar in Gandhi Maidan and other ministers will join the human chain.

Patna’s Gandhi Maidan will be the main center

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will join the series in the historic Gandhi Maidan of Patna. Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi, Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Chaudhary, Executive Chairman of the Legislative Council, Aaron Rashid will also be with the Chief Minister. Janashad U of State President Vasishtha Narayan Singh will be in the series outside his residence located on Harding Road. BJP’s Nityanand Rai will be in the human rows before the BJP office.
Broken record, new record.

In January 2017, the human chain formed in support of prohibition was 12147 km long. About 40 million people attended this series. This year the government has given the right to the districts to decide the route. Also, there are instructions for increasing the root and human numbers of last year at least five percent. The government estimates that between four and five crore people will participate in human chain against dowry and child marriage, and the length of the series will be 13668.67 km.

40 will photographed video-graphy.

To save the memories of the world’s longest human chain, the government is doing photo-videography with the help of 40 drones. Each district has been provided with a single drone. For the success of the series, preparations were already started at the government level about three months ago. So far, about 16.50 lakh slogans have been created to awaken the masses against dowry and child marriage. Apart from this, one hundred and twenty-four artists from the art jathas awaken people against social evils in villages and villages through street plays and cultural events.
Monitoring of the Chief Secretary himself.

Since the announcement of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Chief Secretary Anjani Kumar Singh himself has been monitoring the preparations for the human chain. From time to time, with district officials, he gave necessary video conferencing and instructed the preparations. Meanwhile, the Principal Secretary of the Education Department also continued to give necessary instructions to the officials to carry out preparations for the human chain.

Location of Limca Book

Last year, the Limca Book of Records gave place to the human series created in support of prohibition of alcoholism. This time, we have invited Limca officials to include the series being made in Limca record. Chief Secretary Anjani Kumar Singh said that the government hopes that this time we will maintain a new record in the human chain and it will definitely be included in the Limca Book.

Human chain to be built between 12.00 to 12.30

13668.67 km long human queue
It is likely that between 4.5 and 5 million people will be included
Chief Minister-Deputy Chief Minister and other dignitaries will remain in the Gandhi Maidan
People will take dowry and child marriage against mischief
40 will draw the series of photo-videography.