Bihari foods other than litti chokha which are Lit!!

Bihari food
Bihari dishes which are lit!
Generally, people know litti chokha when it comes to Bihari foods but litti chokha isn’t not the only food which is eaten by biharis. there are so many other foods like pittha(bagiya) which comes in different flavours. Thekua, Chura bhuja, jhal mudi, sattu pratha, balushahi. Litti chokha isn’t so famous in the state as much it is famous outside Bihar. It is not also made in Household often but yet if it is consumed with spicy chokha then it is very tasty.

Pittha (Bagiya)
Pittha is very famous in Bihari village mostly and is very delicious. it is made with rice flour and is stuffed with potato, pulse and anything you want. It is boiled after being stuffed. it tastes amazing with chutney.

Chura bhuja
Chura bhuja is made with dry red chillies, fried or roasted peanuts and puffed rice. some spices are also added to enhance the taste. usually used as a snack, it is awfully Delicious and refreshes the mood, As it is different from other dishes. It is generally eaten as the evening snack with Tea.

Jhal Mudi
Ingredients: Mudi, Boiled potato, Tomato, Green chilli, red chilli Paste, mustard oil and some More spice according to your Taste and preferences. This dish is very easy to prepare and is very tasty and generally intake as an evening snack.

Blaushahi of Runni-Saidpur located in Sitamarhi district on NH-77 is very famous in Bihar. It seems to be Very dry from outside but is very soft from inside. it tastes A dessert dish which easily found in north Indian wedding and festivals.

Sattu Paratha
It is prepared with Gram powder, wheat flour, generally but to enhance its taste some other Ingredients like mango powder, Thymol seeds (Ajwaiyan) etc. It is eaten with green chutney and tisi ki chutney(Flax seed). It can be intaked either as Snack or in dinner and it is very healthy.

Thekua is mostly prepared during the famous festival of Bihar (Chhath). It is a mouth-watering Sweet dish offered as prasad during chhath puja. It is Crispy, Crunchy and sweet is taste.