Coconut plants will be planted on the banks of Ganga in Bihar, youth will get employment

Coconut will be planted alongside Ganga and other rivers in Bihar. Given the immense potential and favorable environment, this plan is a plan. Currently, coconut is produced in 15 thousand hectares of the state. It has to be increased to 50 thousand hectares. Agriculture and Farmer Welfare Minister Radha Mohan Singh inaugurated the Regional Office Building of Coconut Development Board near Jagdev Path in Patna on Saturday.

Radha Mohan Singh said that there is a nursery of coconut plant in 100 hectares in Madhepura in Bihar. Here, 1.62 lakh good variety plants have been given to the farmers. To encourage coconut production, the center has given Rs. 4.09 crore to Bihar. This amount will be increased when needed. Coconut production can also be done by taking care of well in the habitat land. On the increase in production of coconut, people will be able to get jobs in the state. People will be employed by producing coconut based products such as coconut chips, coconut milk, sugar, neera, dab, honey jag, shake, snacks, oil, cream, blue cookies and other products.

Radha Mohan Singh said that till two years ago, coconut oil was imported in the country, but now we are exporting to Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Farmers’ income is increasing. In year 2016-17, coconut products worth Rs 2084 crores have been exported from India. The livelihood of more than one crore people is coconut.

The Union Minister said that in 1983, the announcement was made to make the Regional Office of Coconut Development Board in Bihar, but then it was transferred to Guwahati. Now it was completed in the Narendra Modi government. Training will also be given to farmers in the coconut center. You can also take other types of advice as well. Information about making coconut breaks and making other products will also be provided.