DIG takes Action, 70 Inspector Salary stopped and show cause notice to 10 DSP

Bihar-PoliceSlack police officers will now be in charge of action against the crime. DIG Rajesh Kumar has banned the payment of 70 police inspectors. They have been warned to improve performance. Ten DSPs also came under the scope of action. A show-cause notice has been issued to them. They have to reply within two days that why not one single criminal has been arrested in 70 police stations?

With the police station, the DSP was instructed to arrest the culprits within seven days. These criminals have been involved in other bogus cases including robbery, murder, kidnapping, molestation and assault. The police officers did not show interest in the arrest of criminals.

According to the instructions, only three police officers submitted reports related to the arrest. The report of 70 police stations remained vacant. The DIG has gone through this move to make the move. On Thursday, he issued an order to stop the salary. This stop will be effective until the performance is corrected.

Suspension fixed if performance worsened

Continuous instructions were being issued from the Police Headquarters for quick disposal of pending cases. In this context, the DIG wrote the letter on November 25. In the cases of murder, robbery, robbery, ransom, kidnapping, riot, scheduled caste, tribe and women’s harassment, directed to submit a report related to the daily arrest through PR or SDC. A week’s action was reviewed on Wednesday.

Except for Kadam, Gaurik and Phulavisharif, the figure of arrest is zero in the report submitted by 70 police officers. The DIG fixed it as an indiscipline, dutifulness and disregard of the order. If the performance report of the police station did not get better in the stipulated period, action can be taken from transfer to suspension.

DSP will also arrest daily

This action of the DIG is not limited to only police officers. Ten DSPs have also come in the wrap. If the methodology does not improve, the letter will be written to the police headquarters for action against them. The DSP has been instructed that they make an arrest daily on their own.

Warrants stays in pocket, do not attach the attachment

More than ten thousand cases are pending. In the review meeting, it was found that despite the warrant issued in more than 40 police stations, the accused were not arrested. Order for more than two hundred attachment seizures has passed. They have not been implemented.

“Despite the order, the Shawkars could not even get a single arrest from their area within a week. 70 panchayat payers have been stopped with immediate effect. Unless the performance of the police station gets cured, the salary will not be released. Action against ten DSP will also be taken. ‘
– Rajesh Kumar, DIG