Dussehra: A festival of joy

In India, we always give priorities to festivals. We always celebrate our festivals with the same enthusiasm and joy. We believe that the festival brings prosperity to our lives and unite people.

Dussehra is a festival which teaches us that “बुराई पर हमेशा अच्छाई की जीत होती है ।”

It is held for nine days. People do fasting for nine days, in which the first day is Kalashsthapan, which means the puja is started from that day. On the seventh day, “Nisha Puja” is held. On this day, the eyes of Goddess Durga’s statue is opened and with that the idol is complete. It is held in the midnight and there is a devotional offering to the Goddess which generally comprises of food items (mainly fruits or sweets) which are later shared among devotees.

Dussehra is mainly a famous festival of Kolkata just as Chathh Puja of Bihar. The devotees start preparing for it from almost a month or two months ago. The streets and roads are decorated so beautifully that it is a sight to behold in the joy of welcoming Goddess Durga.

It is a festival which has filled all of us with euphoria. All people are excited, be it, elders or youngers, children or adults but children are much more excited. As a child, we always want to have fun and when Dusshehra is on the way, we always get excited to play on swings (jhula), eat many food items (Bihari murhi kachri is very delicious and a must-have item in fair). The best part is that we do it with our family, we get united and have fun together. Adults get excited about the fact that all their problems will vanish and they will get time to spend with their families.

We wish you all, Happy Dussehra to you and your family. May this festival vanish all your sorrows from life and brings prosperity and happiness.