Fog Brakes speed of trains. 4 trains cancelled for long term

train fog

Shivering cold and dense fog have restrained the speed of trains. Passengers are in trouble because of late running of most trains. Many trains have been canceled due to delayed operation by the Railways.

According to the information received from the railways, the Mahananda Express, Karmabhoomi Express, Jalpaiguri-Ranchi Express and New Jalpaiguri-Sitamarhi Express have been cancelled for a long period. Many trains, including the Simhanchal Express, Awadh Assam, the North East Express, coming from Delhi due to the fog are delaying hours.

Due to the delay of the trunks, long-distance travellers are having a lot of trouble. It takes 30 to 36 hours to travel 24 hours. Due to dense fog since last two days, the situation has become Dangerous. All the loco pilots have been instructed to keep the speed of trains 40 to 50 kilometres per hour regarding the safe operation of the Trains.