Gujarat and Himachal results proven, country ready for reformation: PM Modi

PM Modi
After a spectacular victory in Gujarat and Himachal, on the one hand where there is a celebration of the party in the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Congress party has accepted the defeat in both the states. After the glorious victory here, party workers celebrated with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah at the BJP office.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated and congratulated the people of both the states for the tremendous victory of the BJP in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. He said, the country is going through a phase of change. The victory of Gujarat and Himachal has proved that the country is ready for reform. Modi said, the people of Himachal have voted for BJP for development. The election of Gujarat is an unprecedented election in BJP’s history. If a government comes to win again in five years it is special in itself. Gujarat is an exception.

There are continuous elections in our country and every election is painted with a new look. The truth is that we have created an environment of development. Whether you like the BJP or not, but the attempt to distract from the path of development should be discontinued. If the BJP loses, you celebrate a month-long but do not obstruct the path of development. Continuing to win such a victory, just and just win on the issue of development, is showing direction in the politics of India.
Modi said, there is a government at the center which is developing all along and everyone. Prime Minister Modi attacked the Congress and said that after being removed from Gujarat, development started to decline, but victory has shown that even after coming to Delhi my party workers continued my journey of development.
Addressing workers at the party headquarters, Prime Minister Modi said, “We took 30 years to remove the poison of caste from Gujarat. In Gujarat, once again an attempt was made to eradicate casteism, but the people of the state failed it. Congratulating party workers Amit Shah for the first victory, and congratulating Bharat Mata. Shah said, this victory has been glorious in the leadership of Narendra Modi. When Modi became the Prime Minister, at that time in six states, the BJP had a tax government and there were five chief ministers, but now under his leadership the BJP is going to form government in 19 states in the country. Earlier, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached the BJP office, Amit Shah went ahead and welcomed him.