An Initiative to Provide Quality Education to Girls in Bihar

Bihar EducationNelson Mandela has quoted that”Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ”

In India, there is a lack of primary education. It does not mean to score highest marks. Education does not tell us to be a bookworm rather it is to enhance him/herself and the skills which we have in ourselves.

The schools in metropolitan cities not only provide bookish knowledge but they also focus on the extra activities  The quality of education is enhanced as schools are well equipped technologically  Schools in rural India are far away from these assets, just because of that, there is a lack of quality education. It also become the major cause of some students to drop out from schools  before matriculation level.

Moreover, in rural India, girls are not allowed to study and if they are allowed to do so, this restrains after puberty, because of that, their skills get wasted as we know that everyone has a skill in themselves. They just need to find it.

Happy  horizon trust is a non-profit organisation founded by Mr. Kshitiz Anand and Mrs. Vatsala in 2012. This organization works in order to provide primary education to the children(girls) through the youth leadership development program in rural parts of Bihar.

Bihar EducationThe organisation empowers high school girls by a fellowship program where various skills(like storytellin, basic crafts, comprehensive activities etc.) of these girls are enhanced.

This idea hit the mind of the couple when they first visit their hometown Saharsa in Bihar post marriage. They were shocked and saddened when they saw the miserable conditions of education over there which was not attracting the children much towards study. They also visited some other villages but the candition was same.

Vatsala, a journalist by profession, excelled at storytelling and together they tried their best for the children taking interest in comprehensive session.

At first, they were hesitating and thought whether the children would be influenced or not but this worked and the children were demanding to listen more.

Bihar EducationThat’s the time when the couple realized that the lack of comprehensive models in the primary schools were dissuasive.

This issue is very big and can’t be solved in a blink of eye but we have to initialize in order to make improvement and the first step has been taken by the duo.

At first, there were only these two people but now a whole group is formed and there are 16 members in it. These two are also getting offer from various schools to take classes.

We wish them all the success!