Who is bihari?

Who is Bihari?

who is bihari

The moment people see or meet a person from Bihar, they perceive that they are gawars. They don’t have the etiquettes to talk or anything else.

But they should know that before considering anyone from their state or locality, they should remember that they all are Indians first. Unity should be the first priority of any citizen so that no one can “Divide and rule them”. We also saw in the history that just because of the lack of unity, India had been ruled by foreigners.

Everyone should get a chance to prove themselves. If their way of talking or their thinking is different from others then people should respect them instead of making fun of it. Every region has its own regional language. India’s mother tongue is Hindi but most of the Indians don’t know how to speak Hindi. For example, if one move to south India, English or their regional language is more preferred over Hindi.

Let the stereotypes be broken and start something new. We all are aware of the famous proverb “Unity in diversity”. Every state has its own speciality. We should feel proud to be a part of that country where every state seems to be different from each other in the way of tradition, culture, thinking, eating habits etc. For example -Kashmir is the state whose beauty is breath-taking and compared to heaven whereas Bihar is famous for its immense knowledge in almost every field.

We live in a country whose culture affects the foreigners so much, they love Indian culture and then there are Indians who are getting highly influenced by western culture and adopt that culture rapidly.