Jammu and Kashmir: 8 soldiers killed in Pulwama terror attack, 2 terrorists also stack

CRPF jawansThe terrorists attacked this year’s biggest attack on the Pulwama police line in South Kashmir this Saturday. While pouring terror bullets, the district police entered the line and the district police entered the line. In the 15-hour encounter, eight security personnel, including four CRPF and four policemen, died and seven were injured. The security forces also killed two terrorists. Another terrorist continued to hide the bullets till late in the evening, which is continuing the campaign to kill.

Two SPOs (Special Police Officers) are yet to be told missing. During the encounter in the police line two buildings located in the premises were completely destroyed. Meanwhile, terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammad took responsibility for the attack. Meanwhile, there were violent clashes between militant supporters and security forces in Pulwama, three of them were injured.

As a precaution, the administration has stopped internet and mobile services in whole of Pulwama district. On the other hand, a high level meeting chaired by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh in Delhi reviewed the situation after the Pulwama encounter. According to the information, a team of suicide bombers, equipped with automatic weapons, entered the district police line premises at around 430 GMT and firing grenades and firing. At least four security personnel were injured in the sudden attack. Other security personnel listened to the bullets and took the position and responded.
CRPF jawans
As soon as the action of the security forces started, the terrorists fled to the residential block built inside the police headquarters premises. The security forces surrounded the terrorists at the C-block. Meanwhile, a campaign to evacuate the police officers, soldiers and their families was also started in the block. In addition to a ASP, two DSP rank officers, the family of Pulwama in charge of the State Police Special Expeditionary Party was also trapped. In the midst of the bomb blasts of the terrorists, the police, CRPF and Para commandos of the army pulled out these people safely, but two SPOs got trapped in the spot where the terrorists took positions. Officials said that a policeman was martyred in the morning, while the first terrorist was killed near 12 o’clock in the afternoon and the second afternoon was stacked at two in the afternoon. During this 14 security personnel were injured, seven of whom succumbed to the hospital.

These were on target

The Pulwama headquarters of the Special Investigation Team of the Electronic Surveyance Center and the State Police constituted by the security forces located in the district police line was on the target of the terrorists. Through the survey center located in the premises, the activity of active terrorists and their overground network in South Kashmir was monitored and from here the anti-terror operations were conducted.

Alert Attack Already Was

The security forces had already issued an alert on the basis of intelligence that a suicide bomber by Jaish-e-Mohammad was going to execute a major attack in Kashmir. It was estimated that the target of terrorists can be in Srinagar city or there is a large establishment or highway located around it. The security agencies of the attack on the Pulwama district police line were not impressed.

Martyr four policemen

-Constable Imtiaz Ahmed resident of Kulgam

– Police nursing orderly Amarjeet Singh resident of Badgam

– SPO Rafiq Ahmed Hajjam and Muhammad Yusuf Harjam both resident Pulwama

Martyr four CRPF personnel

Constable Jaswant Singh son Ramdhir Singh, Village Sheikhpur Mari District, Gururgram, Haryana

-Had Constable Dhanwade Ravindra Baban Son De Baban Resident of Ganpat Village, Mohat Tehsil Jawali, District Satara, Maharashtra

Two martyrs have not been identified.

Source: Jagran.com