Laloo Prasad Yadav will never talk to CM Nitish Kumar! His explanation on ‘brown hair

lalu yadav
RJD President Lalu Prasad attacked Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. He said that Nitish Kumar had no name in the last assembly elections. We transferred the vote. Later it was reversed. Now you will not talk to him now. ‘ RJD President Lalu Prasad while giving an open offer to the Kushwaha Samaj in the Shahid Jagdev Political Awareness Conference, said, ‘We have a double-threshold for them. Leave Nitish Kumar Now that’s the Lost case. We never left Kushwaha. There is no lack of respect in their respect. We need to vote five to 10 percent. If you come together, then 50 percent votes will increase. ‘
Lalu Prasad, while blaming Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, said that he wants to stay the same everywhere. Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, is its leader in the assembly. RCP Sinha Sarah is managing. He got in love, left Kush, left Kush. Laloo Prasad told former minister cum legislator Alok Mehta that in the entire state, roam around and search the youth from Kushwaha society, give him the chance. Kushwaha said to the people of the society that there is no communal route to be caught. Do not stay in someone’s confusion. He said that Lenin Shahid of Bihar was sure of Jagdev Babu theory. No agreement with the feudalists. He raised voice for the oppressed, backward and the downtrodden. We never said, ‘Clean the brown hair’. Now all of us need to be united again, only then their Armanas will become Bihar.