liquor party in engineering college hostel, 3 arrested

liquor studentsStudents celebrated Birth Day party at the College of Engineering College located in the region Pataliputra police station, students celebrated the liquor party and made a fierce resignation till late at night. At the hostel, the three students, were arrested by the police.

In the hostel of Bakhtiyarpur Engineering College, near the Saini temple of Pataliputra police station, on Tuesday night till 2 pm, second-year students were dancing on the DJ after drinking alcohol in the Birthday party. When the noise started, protesting against the other students attacked them, the students called the police and complained to it.

The police reached the spot and took six students who were committing the ruckus and took them to the police station. During the investigation, three students including Pankaj Kumar and Sarvesh were found drunk in liquor.

If the police believed, Anup was arrested with two of his friends. Anoop had arranged liquor from somewhere and late night till late on night hosted a liquor party with friends. After drinking alcohol, the students fiercely created a ruckus

Along with this, the other three students were arrested on the charge of assault and were released after being granted bail by the police station due to the occurrence of a bailable offence. Pataliputra police station TN Tiwari said that the case has been registered against the three liquor students in the liquor under the liquor act. In the inquiry, those people have informed that whom did they drink? Alleged smugglers are also being raided to catch.