Madhubani: The Birth Place of Iconic Art Culture

madhubani paintingMadhubani: The word would fill you with images of beautiful Madhubani art in the world in terms of culture. Madhubani district is a part of Darbhanga Division.

In the year 1972, the Madhubani came on the map after it was constructed by taking out portions from the ancient Darbhanga District during the restructuring of the districts of Bihar. As many as 21 Development Blocks are there in the district. The hilly terrain of Nepal is located on the northern side of the district. The district of Darbhanga is present on the southern side of the district, the western side is bounded by Sitamarhi and the eastern side is bounded by Supaul.

Numerous iconic places linked with religious, historical and archaeological significance are there in and around Madhubani. Andhratharhi, Balirajpur, Mangrauni, Ucchaith, Bhawanipur, Saurath, Satghara, Bisfi and many more are some of the popular tourist locations in Madhubani.

Iconic Places of Madhubani:

Ugna Temple:
In Mithila, this place is known to have a history. In Madhubani District’s Bhawanipur village, the temple of Ugna Mahadeo is situated. At a distance of 14 Km from the town of Madhubani, this temple is located. The distance between this temple and the state capital Patna is 195 Kms. At this location, Lord Shiva appeared along with “Kavi Vidyapati”. He came in the form of ‘Ugna’, Vidyapati’s servant. Lord Shiva presented Vidyapati with ‘gangajal (holy water)’.

Uchhaith Temple:

Uchhaith Temple:The very well-known temple of Uchhaith Temple is located in Madhubani district’s Uchhaith. The temple has been dedicated to the Goddess Durga. After witnessing the utter dedication and commitment of Kalidas, Durga was amazed and impressed. Due to this reason, she blessed Kalidas, who wrote the famous ‘Meghduta’ and numerous other compositions, with complete knowledge.

Kapileshwar Temple:
The Madhubani district situated in the Mithila contains the place called Kakraul in Rahika. This temple of Kapileshwar is located in Kakraul. According to the mythological stories it is so believed that Kapil, an archaic sage found the “Shiva Linga”. Darbhanga Raj had taken up the responsibility of looking after the location for the past few years.

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Nagar Fort (Nau Lakha Palace):

rajnagar madhubani
The town of Rajnagar is located close to the place called Madhubani in Bihar. This town of Rajnagar contains the Naulakha Palace. Darbhanga Maharaja Rameshwar Singh constructed this palace. During the time of the occurrence of the earthquake in the year 1934, the palace was utterly destroyed and since then the palace was not restructured. At present, the palace lies in relics.

It is situated on the road that goes from Madhubani to Jaynagar. The village of Saurath is a small road side village. A temple named Somnath Mahadev temple is present in the village. The Maithili Brahmins come together every year in an annual Sabha with proposals of marriages which culminate into weddings. This event adds to the significance of the village.

At a distance of 9 Kms from the district Madhubani, which is the headquarters for the district, the village named Kapileswarsthan is located. The presence of the temple of Shiva has made the village quite popular. The temple is called Kapileswarsthan. Every Monday and especially in Shravan month, many devotes gather together at the temple. During the festival of Maha Shiv Ratri, this place hosts a huge fair.


The presence of the Bhagwati temple situated on Thumne River’s western embankment has made this village quite famous. The village is located in the Benipatti block. Bhagwati blessed Kalidas, who was a prominent writer and dramatis at this very location – as believed due to many mythological stories.

The distance between Pandaul’s block headquarters and the huge village of Bhawanipur is a mere 5 Kms. The presence of the Ugaranath temple and the linkage of the village with the renowned person Vidyapati, a poet, have made this village quite famous. As per the mythological stories, it is believed that Vidyapati dedicated follower of Lord Shiva and because of this reason, Vidyapati was served by Lord Shiva himself as Ugana.

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