No exams, University Playing With Students Future

brabu bann
Still no Exam of BRAB University, Muzaffarpur, Even after no Session in 2017, Examinations for 2nd year and 1st Year students were not conducted. looks like University is playing prank with students, Exam?? What is EXAM??
Those Who took admission in 2015 should have completed there graduation till now but due to the irresponsible behaviour of the university, Future of thousand students has got a Dark side. They tried Many things even TV channel eg. NDTV reported but still, nothing happened. Various newspapers have posted upon this, Student mailed to various Dignities including PMO and CMO but the result is Zero, Students are still waiting for a miracle to Happen. The BRAB university is the only university in north Bihar and more than 10 thousand students get admitted every year but University Official is just making fun of their future over there internal issues or whatever it is…, This university has some reputed college in Muzaffarpur itself eg: LS COLLEGE, RDS COLLEGE but due to this careless behaviour by university all the fame of reputed colleges have gone.
Quality of Education is at its lowest
Noone is bothered about Lectures, might happen or not, No issue.

Unsiversity Stated that Question paper Printing Agency has Denied the printing of papers due to non-payment of Bills
Is really this Happening, if yes then think how much universities are caring about its student and their Future.

Some Newspaper Cuttings
Student have sent Many Emails and Letters to University officials as Well CMO Bihar Nitish Kumar, Various Media Channels and Even A mail to Shri NARENDRA MODI, PMO INDIA but they haven’t got any Response from them.
It’s A request to all Reputed Education dignities and All our Leader Please Don’t Play with students Future, They are Morally Broken and under Severe Pressure, They are Forced to move out choose that profession in which what they Don’t want to be.