Patna: Ganga MahaAarti starts nine months later, thousands of devotees included

Ganga Maha Aarti
Ganga Maha Aarti started once again on the Gandhi Ghat from about nine months on Saturday. The program of Maha Aarti, operated by the Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation and the district administration, will now be held from 6 pm on every Saturday and Sunday. The time of Maha Aarti has been kept for about an hour from 5.30 pm.
Thousands of pilgrims were present on the occasion of Ganga Maharaati held on Saturday. At the same time, the team of 11 pundits from the city trained in Varanasi trained the Aarti. The atmosphere was filled with devotion from mother Ganga. On the occasion Tourism Department Minister Pramod Kumar, MLA Arun Sinha, Managing Director of Tourism Corporation and DM etc. were present.
Makar Sankranti was closed after the accident: Aarti: General Manager of Tourism Corporation, Jaynath Mahato said that after the accident that happened on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, Ganga Maharaati was closed from 14th January. Again, the administration of Aarti has been started in the district administration. Along with the security personnel on the occasion, team of SDRF and diver was also present. The entire program was under the supervision of CCTV.
He said that during this period the operation of private boats has been banned. On the other hand, Tourism Corporation will run its boat for the people coming to see the Aarti.