Planning to go vindhyachal, won’t get panic, Here are trains

bihar train
During the Durga Puja, Deepawali and Chhath, a large number of pilgrims go to Vindhyachal to worship from Bihar. On the occasion of Navratri and Deepawali, thousands of pilgrims go to the temple to visit their mother. Given the convenience of pilgrims, the railway management has made special arrangements for the restoration of some trains in Bihar.

According to the information, Lokmanya Terminal Superfast and Simanchal Express which opened from Sangamitra Express and Pataliputra which opened from Danapur have been temporarily suspended for one minute in Vindhyachal. This stoppage has been given from September 21 to October 30. After this, the trains will be running underneath. Similarly, 12336-35 Bhagalpur Lokmanya Terminal, 14055-56 Brahmaputra Express, 15645-46 Guwahati Dadar Express has also been given one-minute temporary stay in trains passing through Patna junction