Sanjay gandhi biological park, Patna

Sanjay gandhi biological park is a great hub for the people who love nature and is a wanderer experience seekers.
Since it is botanical garden cum zoo so the person who want to walk early morning or exercise come here and many children come here with there parents to see a variety of animals and birds and enrich their knowledge.
The one who loves to spend time with nature also come and sit with the trees ,birds chirping and to enjoy a green scenery.

It was established as a botanical garden in 1969. The 34 acres of land was provided by the then Governor of bihar, Sri Nityanand kanungo from the governor house campaign for the garden.

In 1972, the name was changed to Biological park by the department of forests, government of bihar and after this an administrative body Working Plan Officer, Magadh Circle, Patna took control of it.

After some time, adjoining 58.20 acres of land of revenue department and 60.75 acres of land of public works department transferred to the forest department was added to the existing biological park.

Combining a zoo with botanical garden, the park has been a biological park since 1973. The land joined from the revenue department and the public works department was declared protected forest by the state government on 8 March 1983.

At Present:
The biological park is now extended to 153 acres which is a wide area for a park and zoo. The state government has declared the park/zoo service as ‘Essential service’ under the Bihar Essential Services Maintenance Act.

The biological park has large number of rhinos so the Director of Sanjay gandhi park, Rakesh kumar declared that he will soon apply to central Zoo Authority to give the status of CRRB( central for research for rhino breeding) .

There are some exchnge programmes that had been done in order to protect rhinos from the diseases.

Generally the park is opened till 8 pm but this biological park timing is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can go between this time.

There are some entry fees that is being charged
15 per person for adults.
5 per person for children between 3 to 12 years.
This is the source of income for the park and these money is used to develop the park, zoo and provide various extra facility and also to maintain it.

Now a days there is a google map application in android phone which can tell you the various ways to reach your destination but the particular address of the sanjay gandhi biological park is
Rajbanshi nagar, bailey road, Patna Bihar, 800014, India

Contact number-

+91-612 2217 455

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