Sasaram: A City, Enriched of Heritage

sasaram-junctionSasaram is located in the ‘West of Eastern India’ in Rohtas District. The ancient structures are the one part of this glorious city. The city is religiously important as well as sound from historical point of view. Sasaram is the birth place of Emperor Sher Shah Suri and kingdom of Hasan Khan Suri, also Raja Harish Chandra kingdom. The civilization of Sasaram is very old. Sasaram City can be found in mythological manuscripts and other books. It is known that King Sasastrabahu was the king of Sasaram who was later killed by the great god Parshuram. The legend says that the name of the city has been named after Sasastrabahu and Parshuram. Sasaram has the combination of ‘Maha Shaktipeeth’ and ‘World Heritage Site’.

Iconic Places to visit in Sasaram:

1. Tomb of Sher Shah Suri

Sher Shah Suri Tomb

The World Heritage site, Tomb of Sher Shah Suri is the biggest attraction for tourist. Built in the 16th century, the architecture of the fort is beautifully designed and also has one of the most beautiful structures ever made in India. The tomb is made in the mid of a square lake. The grave of the great ruler and son of SasaramSher Shah Suri lies in the tomb. The Indo-Islamic architecture depicts the perfect Afghan Style Structure in India. The beautiful tomb is often regarded as the “Second TajMahal” of India by the tourists for its intrinsic and eternal beauty.

2. Tomb of Hasan Khan Suri

Hasan Khan Suri has been buried at the Tomb of Hasan Khan Suri. Another establishment of Indo-Islamic style architecture, the tomb is a glorious structure of Afghan style monuments in India. The tomb is beautifully created and also depicts the excellence of architecture. Regarded as one of the most beautiful tombs of India, the Tomb of Hasan Khan Suri has sometimes lost its charms because of the Tomb of Sher Shah Suri.

3. Maa Tara Chandi Temple

Tara Chandi Temple

Maa Tara Chandi Temple is one of famous temple among the temples of India. One of the ‘Maha Shakthipeeth’, Maa Tara Chandi Temple is situated on the top of a hill in an amazing and divine ambience. It is one of the most important temples of Shakti or Goddess Durga. It is called that the ‘Netra’ or ‘Eye’ of Sati Devi fallen here. The amazing serene around the temple also attracts the tourist and the devotees. The Maa Tara Chandi Temple is of same regard to that of Mata Vaishno Devi Temple in Jammu. It has been said that even Gautam Buddha came to this temple and MaaChandi gave him blessing when she appeared as a kid in front of him.

4. Rohtashgarh Fort

It is believed that it was built by the legendary Hindu King Raja Harish Chandra. Rohtashgarh Fort is one of the ancient Indian Fort of India. Built in the Indian style, Rohtashgarh Fort was named after Rohitashwa. The dexterity and the architecture of the fort have Hindu Indian style. However, later the fort was overtaken by Sher Shah Suri and Islamic influence was introduced into the fort. Rohtasgarh Fort has been engaged with the history of Sasaram till the very end before India went into the hands of British. The Fort has acted as the centre for Sher Shah Suri during his pick time. It has been the centre for Man Singh as well, who was the Governor of Bengal, Bihar and Oddisha during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar. From time to time in history, Rohtasgarh Fort has stood strong with the history of Sasaram. Apart from it there is Tomb of Malik Wishal Khan which is also very popular among the tourist.

5. Manjur Kund and Dhua Kund

Dhua Kund

Both the waterfalls are beautiful. An attraction center for tourists in the city. The waterfalls are located near the Sasaram city. Known for its natural beauty, both the water falls have remained the attractions of the tourists. The waterfalls are medium in size and also have great aquatic life support. Often ignored, Sasaram is one of the places in India which can offer variety of tastes to the tourist. The place is full of history along with beautiful natural places and religious and sacred places.

6. Gupteshwar Temple

Gupteshwar Temple is another ancient, divine and fascinating place to visit in Sasaram city. The old sacred cave is not only famous for being one of the temples and worshipping places of Lord Shiva but also for a popular Limestone Cave. The cave is a temple but also has an importance of being a popular picnic and tourist spot. The cave temple is also famous for the Mythological stories of Bhasmasur. It is said that deadly Asura Bhasmasura was tactfully killed by Lord Vishnu when he tried to experiment the blessing of Lord Shiva, on Lord Shiva.

7. Chandan Shaheed Hill

This place has more of historical importance than the religious values. However, the fusion of many religion and cultures can be observed at this place. The place has ancient scripts of Ashoka, the Maryan Emperor. The script has mostly the values and teachings of Buddhism. It also has Hindu influence that it got in subsequent time. However, it became a perfect blend in the Mughal reign when Emperor Jahangir made a mosque here. One would be fascinated to see the place.

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