Sitamarhi: Birth Place of Goddess Sita

Sitamarhi is known for its matchless beauty and great religious association, claims to be one of the major tourist attractions of Bihar. The city is located, on the western bank of the Lakhandai River – in the fertile land in Middle Gangas Plain of Bihar. Sita, wife of Lord Rama, is believed to have emerged from an earthen pot somewhere in Sitamarhi. It is after this incident that the city got its name. Sitamarhi is also boasts of a major Muslim pilgrimage site – Goraul Sharif. The city still conjures up images of its glorious past, in the form of the ancient temples and mosques. These places are serving as the travelers delight and add up to some of the prominent tourist attractions of Bihar.

Different types of dance forms, music and folk arts can be seen in the customs and traditions of Sitamarhi. The city is also famous for the well liked folk dance forms such as Jat-Jatni and Jhinjhari.

Numerous tourist spots are related to religion and ancient history as well as modern day places are there in and around Sitamarhi. Janaki Temple at Punaura, Deokuli, Haleshwar Sthan, Baghi Math, Goraul Sharif, Shukeshwar Sthan, Bodhayan-Sar and Sabhagachhi Sasaula are some of the popular places to pay a visit to.

Iconic Places of Sitamarhi:

  1. Punaura Dham:

Sita came into being after emerging from the earthen pot in the place called Punaura Dham. A temple is here of Goddess Sita. During the earthquake in the city took place in the year 1934, some relics of ancient buildings were discovered from this area. In the Mithila state the first Shiv Linga to be found is named as the Haleshwar Sthan, which is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

2. janaki Temple:

janki mandir

At a distance of 1.5 Kms from the railway station as well as the bus stand, this place is located. It is the place, where Sita was born. The Janaki Kund is situated to the south direction and neighboring the temple.

3. Damami Shiva Mandir:


The journey from the town of Sitamarhi and Damami is about 22 Kms and approx 5km from Belsand. Damami is situated to the south of Sitamarhi Town.

This place is famous for Shivling. You will find a giant bell(ghanta) of 100 kg installed by a prominent personality from Makhnaha Village Shri Ram nivas sharma. This place includes shiv mandir(shivling), Hanuman mandir.

Every Sunday large number of pilgrims visit to do jalaabhishek and a mela is also organised in which you can find local food items( especially mudhi and kachri) and many more things.

During saraswati puja, magh mela ( most probably in month of jan or feb) is organised in which there are lots of ways for entertainment and food stalls along with the shops for agriculture equipment to household item.

  1. Haleshwar Sthan:

In the north-west direction of Sitamarhi and at a distance of a mere 3 Kms from the city, Haleshwar Sthan is located. It is believed that, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva was constructed by King Videha during the time of Putra Yeshti Yajna. Haleshwarnath Temple was the name given to this temple.

  1. Panth-Pakar:

Panth-Pakar is located, in the north-east direction of Sitamarhi and at a distance of 8 Kms from the city. As per the mythical stories, Sita was taken to Ayodhya after her wedding, in a palanquin via this course only. The ancient Banyan tree under the shadow of which Sita relaxed for some time, is still present here.

  1. Bodhayan-Sar:

Numerous epics were composed by Maharishi Bodhaya, right at this very location. This place is considered to be a holy place. Out of all his pupils, Panini was one of them. He was an eminent Sanskrit Grammarian. As much as 37 years ago, the groundwork of the Bodhayan was laid by Deoraha Baba, a famous saint.

  1. Bagahi Math:

Bagahi Math is located in the Bagahi Village, which is located at a distance of 7 Kms from the north-west direction of the village of Sitamarhi. The Bagahi Math is a huge monastery belongs to the Hindu religion. 108 rooms are present in the monastery. It is known for the activities such as yoga and praying. It is well known place in the city.

  1. Pupri:

Present here, is the renowned temple of Baba Nageshwarnath, known as Lord Shiva. According to the mythical stories, Lord Shiva emerged as Nageshwar nath Mahadeo at this location.

  1. Goraul Sharif:

The distance of the town of Sitamarhi and Goraul Sharif is a mere 26 Kms. For the people following Islam faith, this place is a holy place apart from other places namely Biharsharif and Phulwarisharif, all situated in Bihar.

  1. Shukeshwar Sthan:

In the north-west direction of Sitamarhi and at a distance of 26 Kms from the city, Sukeshwar Sthan is located. This is located where Sukhdev Muni used to pray and devotees himself to worshipping. He was an eminent saint. At this place, one can still find a huge and archaic temple, which has been built in the memory of Sukeshwarnath, otherwise known as Lord Shiva.

  1. Sabhagachhi Sasaula:

In the west direction of Sitamarhi and at a distance of 20 Kms from the city, the place called Sabhagachhi Sasaula is located. Each year, numerous Maithil Brahmins came here with marriage propositions and these propositions finally culminate into wedding. This assembly takes place in quite a large level. This place is holy for these Brahmins. This activity portrays Mithila’s archaic customs and traditions.

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