Street foods You must give a try when you are in Patna

Street foods of PatnaFood says a lot about the place it belongs to. So, if you really want to know about the soul of a city, then it is necessary to explore the food (especially street food). To travel is to live and to live is to eat and we assure you that this will give enough information and will definitely guide you regarding the best street foods of Patna. Street food doesn’t only fill the stomach of many but also provides employment to many and also helps in the growth of the tourism sector. It is the ready-made food available for quick consumption. With the growing love of people for fast food, it is becoming more popular than ever before. When you are dying of hunger then you will not wait to make the food and then eat it, that is when street food comes to play its role.

#1 Batatapuri

Source: Instagram

#2 Chaat


#3 Litti chokha

litti chokha

#4 Puri-Sabzi Jalebi

Puri Sabzi Jalebi
Photo By: Foody Khsitij

#5 Naivedyam

*Consume only after offering.

#6 Bhelpuri


#7 Panipuri or Puchka


#7 Lassi 


#8 Sev Buniya 


Sev buniya

#9 Litti Chana

litti chana

#10 Chilli chicken

chilli chicken

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