#TheGreatBiharExpedition: BY दो – घुमक्कड़

We Bihari always use to say that our history is so grand, but it is very saddening to say none of us bothered about their preservation and promotion. We failed to make our grand history a Brand. We are limited to some specific places. The history of Bihar is believed to have its roots back to the breaking down of civilizations in India and then the state prospered as the seat of majestic empires like Magadh. It is also the state that gave two important religions – Buddhism and Jainism to the world. Despite all these facts, Bihar has remained the most underrated tourist destination in India.

दो – घुमक्कड़ (Gargi and Manish), Both being Engineering graduates started there travel journey 10 years back. Now They are travelling in order to know a new culture, understanding the new languages and exploring the different architectural grandeur of incredible India. While travelling to different corners of the globe, what they both realised that whatever they are seeing in other parts of India is somehow present in our home state too. But were saddened to know that no one is bothered about it.


With the tag  #TheGreatBiharExpedition,  दो – घुमक्कड़ started a mission to promote & protect the cultural heritage of Bihar, they started with their Photo Stories which unravel the vibrant culture, architectural grandeur, vanishing customs & rituals and unique lifestyle of Bihar.


So they decide to do the TheGreatBiharExpedition, When they started this expedition people reacted with several questions that why using Bihar as a destination? Nothing is their in Bihar apart from Nalanda and Mahabodhi? This will be futile only!

After researching about different places of Bihar. They started the journey apart from other destinations, they started exploring the different destinations from Bihar and clicking Pictures, and at the same time, they started raising awareness among locals for the preservation & promotion of their cultural and architectural heritage.


In the first phase, they covered approximately 3000kms of road journey covering Nalanda, Gaya, Jehanabad, Aurangabad, Rohtas, Bhabhua, Vaishali, Buxar, Arrange, Keshariya and continuously raised awareness.

Sun temple ugma
Sun Temple ugma

After completing the first phase They created an amazing photo gallery of Great Bihar and started posting and raising awareness and information through social sites. Slowly different national media responded well and appreciated the efforts. Their photographs from Bihar were exhibited and printed on several big platforms. Even Nikon shared their Photographs from Sasaram Tomb. Photos are exhibited at Jaipur, Kota, New Delhi, Bangalore and many more places.

The Great Bihar Expedition Photographic Documentation by दो – घुमक्कड़

In a recent talk with our (Realbihar) team, They said they are coming to Bihar with next phase of #TheGrearBiharExpedition as #TheGrearBiharExpedition2.0 from March 3rd 2019. And this time they will cover the different regions of Mithila  famous for its unique art, culture and customs.

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