These Photo’s of Nalanda University will leave you awestruck

Nalnada University

From ancient sciences to arts, philosophy, and literature, our country has always been a destination for learners from all over the world. Nalanda University is one of the places that stood as an education hub from 500 CE to 1200 CE. After centuries of invasion and depletion of the structure, the ruins and the site still stand as a symbol of India’s illustrious past. If you are inclined towards ancient Indian education and architecture, then a visit to the Nalanda University must be on your list. If you are planning a visit to Bihar, then you should be here.

Developed under the regime of the Gupta dynasty, Nalanda University was the first international residential university in the world. The university was known among scholars and students who travelled from different parts of Sri Lanka, Tibet, China, Korea and Central Asia. During peak years, It is said that the university hosted about 1,500 teachers and scholars, and about 10,000 students.

The Institute engaged in imparting education and knowledge about philosophy, politics, law, science, and arts. Famous Chinese traveller, Hiuen Tsang was also a student at this reputed university. Nalanda saw many pilgrim monks from East Asia like Xuanzang and Yijing. If you explore the archaeological evidence you would discover that the kings of Shailendra dynasty built monasteries on this academic campus. The place was also considered as a sacred place for the Jains of that era.
nalanda university ruins
The Pali inscriptions on stone tablets and walls of Nalanda are evidence that how erudite the community was that time. The Nalanda Archeological Museum near the heritage site is also a must visit to see a rich display of sculptures, coins, seals and inscriptions that were conserved from the ruins. Nalanda University is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
nalanda university ruins
nalanda university ruins
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nalanda university ruins
nalanda university ruins

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