Vibha Shrivastava : A lady who developed her passion into business

Vibha ShrivastavaVibha Shrivastava is a resident of Maker Village of Saran district who developed her passion for crochet art into Business despite various Obstacles. She was born in Valmiki Nagar (West Champaran). She was one of those students who had an interest in both studies and extra-curricular activities. She is just matric-pass student.

She couldn’t study further as there were no good colleges in her village. As she resided in a village, she could not get the opportunity to learn much or got the proper knowledge about the arts or sports but learnt a lot of things from my mother and the women of our neighbourhood.

Vibha Shrivastava

She always wanted that school and people appreciate her artwork. As she couldn’t study further, she had a lot of leisure time in which the crochet artwork gained her attention and she got attracted to it very much in very less time. Her love for this artwork deepened and it became a habit. She used to make bedsheets, curtains, tablecloths, hangings, flowerpots etc.

Then after she got married in Maker village of Chhapra in 1989 where she felt very suppressed, she didn’t have the freedom to do what she wanted. During that phase, she couldn’t understand what to do but we all know a beautiful pot is made only when it is suppressed and the pressure is applied. The same thing happened with Mrs. Vibha Shrivastava. She became a bird who broke the cage and fled high in the sky.

Vibha Shrivastava

She was a housewife then and she did the chores of her daily life and also started to gather girls and ladies from surrounding to train them in crochet artwork. She made those girls to live their life being self-dependent. When her children grew up, she got teased about their future as her husband had a private job and the financial condition was also not good. She wanted to provide their children with a good quality of education.

Then, she came to Patna where she met Mrs. Usha Jha, the chief of Bihar Mahila Udyog Sangh at that time. With Mrs. Usha Jha and her husband’s help, she started to get opportunities from various stages where she made handcrafted frocks, sweaters, top, scarfs, mufflers etc. People liked her designs and she got so many orders. She started gathering girls and trained them about the artwork so that they can also help her to prepare the different items from the artwork. Soon, she started providing employment to people.

Vibha Shrivastava

She also got the idea of making ornaments with Crochet which is quite unique and people liked it also. She is getting a huge amount of orders from not only India but from foreign also.

Vibha Shrivastava

After setting foot in the business of crochet ornaments, she is popularly known as a social entrepreneur. She has been honoured by various organisations with many titles in which these are included:

* एहसास प्रेरक सम्मान

* सारन की बेटी सम्मान

* Surendra Sinha Memorial Award for Art & Craft.

Team @realbihar wishes her all the Best for Future Endeavours. 

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