Want to go home on Holi: here are special trains for you started by Indian Railway


In view of the problems of travelers coming to Holi, the Railways have decided to run Holi Special trains from all major cities including Delhi.

Holi special trains have been announced from Patna junction and Barauni to Delhi, along with Gorakhpur-Chhapra-Hajipur-Barauni, Anand Vihar to Kamakhya, Ferozepur to Katihar.

Anandivahar-Patna-Anandivahar AC

Train number 04022/04021 Anandvihar-Patna-Anandvihar AC Express Special from March 16 to March 23 from Kanpur-Allahabad-Pundi Deendayal Upadhyay Jn. At 18.00 hrs will reach Patna Junction. Coming back from Patna at 19.35, the next day will reach Anand Vihar at 14.20.

Delhi-Barauni-New Delhi AC Express

Train number 04404/04403 New Delhi-Barauni-New Delhi AC Express Special from 12th March to 22nd March, two days in a week, on Tuesday and Friday from New Delhi. Train leave the platform at 19.25 and will openly reach Barauni at 19.45 the next day. In return, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from Barauni at 21.35 and the next day will reach New Delhi at 22.10 hrs.

Lucknow-Kolkata-Lucknow Express

Train number 04206- 04205 Lucknow- Kolkata-Lucknow Express from March 11 to 25th March from Lucknow on 23.45 am on Monday, on the second day at 06:58 wil reach Deendayal Upadhyay junction and at 10.10 hrs Patna Junction will reach Kolkata on Tuesday at 21.45 hrs. On return, every Tuesday from Kolkata on 23.55 open and will reach Lucknow at 22.15 hrs on the next day.

Anandvihar-Kamakhya-Anandvihar Express

Train number 04052/04051 Anand Vihar-Kamakhya-Anandvihar Express will open on March 13 and 20, from Anand Vihar on 23.45 on Wednesday. In the return, on Saturday from  Kamakhya at 05.35 open and the next day at 18.15 will reach Anand Vihar.

Firozpur-Katihar-Ferozepur Express

The train number 04918/04917 Ferozepur-Katihar-Firozpur, on 16 and 23 March, will start  from Firozpur on Saturdays at 10.40 hrs and reach Katihar the next day at 19.00 hrs.

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