Why “Bihari’s” doesn’t Look Like “Bihari’s”?

Ever faced the situation where someone from your colleague or friends group Said to you “yaar tu Bihari Nahi lagta“, “Tu Bihar se Hai?”, or “Tu Bihari hai??“, The answer would be definitely yes because you have surely faced the situation. Every Bihari residing outside Bihar has faced this Stereotype.

Well, this is nothing just a stereotype to Bihari’s, Only Rickshaw pullers and auto/cab drivers or Labour’s are termed as Bihari outside Bihar, and it is the result of either their narrow mindset or our impression and the fact is that not all Rickshaw pullers and auto/cab drivers or Labour’s are Bihari.

Soo, Coming to the point why we(Bihari’s) doesn’t Look like Bihari’s, This might have lots of answers and will try to put common views.

We have a habit of adapting others culture, their language and tradition superfast, we start reacting according to our surrounding, and this misguides others to identify. This is a good sign that we accept others but in order to accept others, we start leaving our own culture and language. We start talking in their style and all others thing gradually changes within a very short period of time like eating habits, talking accent and many more…

Apart from this is a request to all non-Bihari that please do not stereotype us. We all look same as you are and we do behave same as you do. There is nothing such type of face-written thing that he is Bihari or Punjabi or Marathi. We have our own culture and language and we prefer it more over others and this is what which makes us different from others. But but it doesn’t mean that we don’t respect others culture.

We Bihari’s are hardworking and possess the habit of helping others irrespective of analysing someone. We prefer hard work and wherever we go and for whom we are working, we give our 100%.

Get in touch with a Bihari, He will make realize how good we are and how we behave. We all are PROUD BIHARI.

Jai Bihar!!
jai Bharat!!

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